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Antenna Installation

ELAN Technologies specializes in the installation of all types of antenna systems. These include spread spectrum 902-928MHz, cellular antenna band for GPRS, Multiple Address Systems (MAS) using licensed radio and antennas used for microwave data transmission. ELAN Technologies received the Antenna Systems 2004 Innovative Antenna Application Award, for our manhole antenna cover system application in down town Chicago, used for TARP SCADA communications. Innovative antenna design and installation play an important part in maintaining relationships with stakeholders surrounding your sites. Look to ELAN Technologies to solve your most difficult antenna installation site. Please take time to review some of our antenna installation photos

Sweep Testing and Interference Analysis
ELAN Technologies technicians and engineers are trained in time domain reflectometry for transmission line and antenna testing. Utilizing the Anritsu Site Master and other specialized testing equipment, we provide documentation in chart/report format including a written executive summary of findings in the analysis of the antenna system. On-site analysis with state of the art tools result in reduced man hours diagnosing and troubleshooting antenna systems. What is most important is making sure your antenna system is working at peak; delivering the wireless data you rely on, continuously. Data logging and trending of remote site antenna analysis and performance over several years of time can provide early indicators of potential antenna system issues.

Interference Analysis
The extensive use of the non-licensed spread spectrum frequency bands has resulted in many new networks deployed over the last dozen or so years. ELAN Technologies has been leading the way for spread spectrum network deployment since 1994.

The wireless industry acceptance of the unlicensed band has resulted in signal interference issues, as many new contractors and installers have developed wireless systems that sometimes lead to signal configurations that unintentionally interfere. While these products are robust, and designed to operate in an unlicensed band, interference is an issue that must be dealt with in the beginning of a project, and documented as time goes on.

When unlicensed technology is applied to microwave data links and multiple address systems, trouble may result when multiple systems are installed near each other, such as elevated water tanks and communication towers. Although the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) specification limit for transmitter power is 1 Watt, the system operator can choose to use very high gain antennas. These provide higher EIRP (Effective Isotropic Radiated Power) and can cause interference for other systems in or near their path. If the antenna gain is increased by 3 dB, the FCC rules require backing off the transmit power by 1 dB which still allows a net increase of radiated power and increases the chance of creating unwanted interference.

ELAN Technologies utilizes state of the art field measurement spectrum analyzer equipment for interference analysis, and can assist an owner in the documentation and identification of interference sources. This expertise is applied to the early stages of design and feasibility during field radio surveys. When confronted with an interference issue, do not hesitate to contact ELAN Technologies for on-site assistance.

Utilizing the finest test equipment and best of breed industrial wireless technology has lead to the development of a comprehensive maintenance program for our systems. Best current practices require system sweep and optimization services of at least once per year, perhaps more often for higher humidity and corrosive environments, and certainly high wind location like communication towers or elevated water tank sites.

If ELAN Technologies installed your system, then you are familiar with these services. Where practical, radio firmware can be upgraded in your system, as well as analyzing radio diagnostics collected over time. ELAN Technologies can keep your wireless infrastructure investment running peak for many years, while keeping you up to date on new technologies, and system advances.

If ELAN did not install your system, we welcome the opportunity to provide a second opinion along with maintenance and support documentation of your antenna system and radio network. We can provide baseline information with report, and present a maintenance plan moving forward.

Communication Tower Services
ELAN can build out communication towers as part of a new design, or an upgrade to an existing wireless network system not optimized for its current use. If necessary, sealed stamped drawing can be provided for approval. Tower services often include; antenna system installation, necessary path alignment, and sweep testing along with interference analysis. We work with our customers to make sure tower bases ship ahead of schedule so they can be incorporated into a poured concrete foundation. When remaining tower sections arrive, the foundation is cured and has been inspected. Tower installation day goes smoothly, and the important wireless data is at your fingertips.

We pride ourselves in our ability to custom design an antenna system, including custom fabricated, mounts and steel parts. Our end result is a solution that exceeds our customer requirements.

Please contact ELAN Technologies for more information.


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