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ELAN Technologies has been an innovator in open channel flow measurement and monitoring since the inception of the Clean Water Act.

Our tradition of providing the most accurate flow monitoring is a result of our efforts to continuously being on the leading edge of new and innovative technologies. Commitments to accuracy include providing our installation crews the best available equipment and tools. Our crews have over 13 years of flow service experience, with ELAN. Long term employees are the most valuable asset to our company and our client’s successful flow monitoring program.

ELAN Technologies is an excellent resource for your collection system maintenance and improvement plans. Our experience in open channel flow measurement is strong. This includes flow meter design and working closely and evaluating most all serious manufacturers’ flow meters. Our background in electrical engineering and instrumentation has played a valued role in emerging technologies, for over 30 years.

Experience Counts
Our experience has proven not only do flow meters from different manufacturers not operate the same in a given flow situation; experience has shown different flow meters from the same manufacturer in an identical flow application can at times yield different results. This is where an ELAN flow monitoring quality assurance plan can provide the assurances to other stake holders that the data being reviewed is of the highest quality and all measures have been taken to insure the quality result.

Mulitple Platform Support
ELAN can support the major brand of open channel flow products below, for customers who have made the investment in several brands as technologies improve, we can support your hybrid metering approach with services to match.

For reference, ELAN has worked with and evaluated the following flow manufacturers products; American Sigma, Marsh Mc-Birney, ISCO and DataGator. Each company has advantages and disadvantages depending on the flow application.

ELAN’s years of experience installing equipment in many varied open channels, has provided us a strong confidence when equipment is working correctly. We have the tools and systems in place to insure accuracy. Our QuickCal level measurement tool for open channel flow is used by Cities, Towns, and Waste Water Authorities throughout the USA. The QuickCal level measurement tool is for everyone who has had to go out to the field and make level measurements in trying circumstances. We are all aware of the stakes in accurate flow measurement as the data is the basis to be used for future sewer rehabilitation projects, compliance monitoring, inflow and infiltration, and billing programs.

If you’re using a mixed technology of flow meters, we can provide maintenance and support services for the various technologies. ELAN can provide local repair and maintenance for your flow monitoring equipment. We have a flow lab in our facility we use to verify proper operation of flow measurement equipment.

Permanent Flow Monitoring
For those customers that require permanent or semi permanent flow meter support, there are several levels of service available.

Services available include routine data downloads, battery changes, sensor cleaning is required. If a sensor needs to be replaced, or we need to perform confined space entry, we have all the tools available in our service van. All data can be tabulated and sent to the appropriate stake holders for review. ELAN has provided these services to Sanitary Districts, Cities and Towns, over many years, without interruption.

Automated flow services include wireless telemetry of important flow data including level, velocity, flow rain data, and sewer overflow events. ELAN incorporates the industry leaders in communications technology used in data delivery services.

We can manage the collection of system data and interface with the following systems and subsystems:

  • Customer owned private wireless networks
  • Cellular networks
  • Mesh technologies
  • Licensed radio communications

ELAN interfaces the different manufacturer’s flow meter technologies already owned by the collection system manager. Data warehouses can be built on your premises, working with your people. For those who do not require or want the data warehouse computer at their location, we can provide data warehousing for our clients. Our clients can have web based access to data, and share that information with the consulting engineer working on your behalf, as well as the city manager concerned about any combined sewer overflow events, and most specifically public safety.

Automated Monitoring of the Collection System
There are different options for automated monitoring of the collection system; these include underground battery powered wireless RTU systems, with antennas systems built into a manhole cover. Custom pavement antennas can be used for communicating data from the underground equipment. For above-ground sites we can provide stainless steel instrument enclosures with solar panels and battery charging systems with antennas integrated into the top of the enclosure. Please review some of our case study solutions for applications similar to your system.

Primary Devices
Elan Plastifab Flume
For systems not using the area velocity flow measurement technology, ELAN works exclusively with Plasti-Fab for corrosion resistant primary measurement devices including flumes and weirs, packaged metering manholes, and innovative primary flow measurement devices for extremely low flow environments in sanitary sewers.

Smoke and Dye Testing
As part of any project, ELAN can provide smoke and dye testing services, as part of an overall I & I program. If your requirement is for a turnkey flow service provider, ELAN Technologies is ready to serve.

Please contact ELAN Technologies for more information.


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