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ELAN Technologies is a full service industrial wireless integration firm.

Computer Path Analysis incorporating the latest analysis techniques and tools available for RF design. These software tools incorporate Langley Rice models with overlays in Google Earth. These include NASA terrain data incorporating trees and buildings, as well USGS data. This type of modeling provides accurate representation of expected RF coverage, including line of site, signal strength and unexpected anomalies. This type of visualization and data analysis is performed before a field survey takes place.

Microwave link line of site connectivity

The picture above shows line of site connectivity for a microwave link connecting two water treatment plants. Movies or tours of the end point telemetry links can be viewed, along with enhanced terrain analysis.

The image below describes a signal strength map, showing expected received signal strength, for specific antenna heights, frequency and power.

Signal strength map

Field Radio Path Surveys
The main reason for success and failure in a wireless project is the experience of the firm performing field radio surveys, which are typically completed during peak foliage. The firm’s tried and proven field techniques and suggestions are invaluable, in the early stages of a wireless implementation. It is important to have a strong knowledge of real world applications, and their successful implementation, to draw from. It is also valuable to have a broad depth of industrial radio solutions that fit in properly with the equipment being interfaced with. For example, ELAN includes the PLC data telemetry as part of our field surveys for use in SCADA Systems.

The recent roll out of Municipal WIFI systems have slowed, as the providers of these systems did not adequately plan and perform necessary upfront design work. The number of Access Points as described on computer simulations, and subsequently quoted to a municipality, were not close to what was required in the network build. Field radio surveys would have avoided this extremely expensive design flaw, and subsequent waste of time and money for the municipality. Manufacturer's specifications error on the side of making their product look as robust and state of the art as possible, mostly for competitive reasons. There are many advanced wireless products being designed and manufactured, however, even the very best rarely live up to their specifications.

For ELAN design-build systems, large blocks of time are spent on field radio surveys during the initial design, as well as through out the implementation and build process. Our engineers are familiar with many RF products and systems, and know what to look for during build out. The wireless industry is advancing at a rapid pace with great technological achievement; however this pace requires a well thought out implementation process, and the selection of your wireless system integrator is the most important part of the project.

Start-Up and Commissioning
ELAN starts up and commissions a industrial radio network as part of every project. Start-up consist of “bringing sites on-line”; reviewing communications over several days; and working out any timing issues with the equipment the radios may be interfaced to. This work becomes more involved for industrial Ethernet networks, as transporting SCADA/video systems/computers and mobile data over the Ethernet framework can be complex. Start-up includes coordination with other wireless systems, as well as documenting those results as part of a finished system.

Wireless Equipment Partners
Products include spread spectrum, licensed radio system, wireless Ethernet, mobile data, and fixed SCADA. The MDS product line is advanced and continuously being improved. MDS is the leading long term industrial provider of robust industrial grade wireless equipment. The company has ISO certification for its manufacturing facility in Rochester New York, and is currently expanding its facilities.

Cellnet UtiliNET
Utilinet is a robust wireless mesh network used for SCADA and Automatic Meter Reading (AMR). Systems have been deployed in the largest remote site listings in the SCADA and automation industries. UtiliNet has unique advantages in its operation and use, which lend it to specific industrial automation applications.

EDACS Trunked Radio Systems are desired for large scale voice and data systems. These are typically county wide, state wide or country wide systems. Systems are typically used in the Public Safety arena, however, many have been deployed for data telemetry and SCADA for large utility customers, where service areas incorporate large geographic areas. ELAN provides packaged telemetry solutions incorporating the RDI protocol for movement of data in EDACS systems.

Phoenix Contact
Phoenix Contact is known for its commitment to the automation industry, and has been developing a well-rounded product line, that differentiates itself in the industrial wireless industry. Typical unique product applications include industrial WIFI for robust outdoor use, MESH Networks, and advanced cellular technologies with web portal configuration.

ELAN Technologies is continuously looking to develop long term relationships with manufacturers we can count on to serve our business objectives, as well as our end customers data communication needs for many years. We have systems in place with the above manufacturers, some of which are close to fourteen years of continuous operation. ELAN values our wireless partners as we strive for continuous growth.

Industrial Wireless Security and Video
ELAN wireless security solutions are designed to provide solid structure with all kinds of applications. Implementation of Security & Surveillance solutions via wireless secured communication lines makes deployment easier and faster. Wireless Security solutions with industrial quality products provide the least expensive and most protected (optional AES encryption) wireless network for surveillance data. QoS and VLAN support allows your security data to experience no delay or jitter even if you have other data streams transported via the same network. ELAN combines remote site SCADA and Video/VOIP over one industrial network. See our case studies for real world solutions.

Industrial Wireless Broadband
Industrial Wireless Broadband Backhaul solution means high speed Ethernet Wireless broadband link between two locations, such as buildings or towers. ELAN provides these for the municipal campus setting, including public works and public safety infrastructure. Once broadband links are in place over Ethernet communications, the applications for sharing valuable data between facilities, including mobile data, are limitless. Contact ELAN Technologies for more information.

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